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What to expect when you contact me...

1. A free, no obligation telephone call or 15 minute zoom chat to discuss what EFT could do for you and your child.

2. A guide to how many sessions your child may need to enable them to work through issues they are facing.


3. An up-front price for these sessions and details of how to pay.


4. A fully qualified and insured, child-friendly practitioner, with an enhanced DBS check for working with children.

What will your child do during these sessions?


I will always start by getting to know your child. We will have a chat. An honest, trusting relationship is paramount when working with children or adults. They won’t talk to you if they don’t like you!


  • At the start of the session, I will tell your child what we are going to do. Children like to have a schedule so that they know what to expect during the allotted time.

  • We will learn breathing techniques to calm the body and promote mindfulness.


  • Your child will learn the tapping points and what areas in the body they relate to (age appropriate).

  • I will introduce games, tapping songs and a tapping app (so that they can tap along between sessions.)


  • You child will learn how to tap with tapping toys/bears. ​

With each session, your child will build up a toolbox of strategies, that they can utilise whenever the need arises.

We will have fun and let the tapping do the work!

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Together we will create a bespoke EFT toolbox
What is surrogate tapping?

Why would we do this?

  1. For a child who is too young to tap for herself/himself

  2. For children who don’t know they have a problem

  3. Parents/caregivers are sometimes keener to do the work!

  4. Gives some power back to the parent. Helps them feel like they are doing something to help their child.

  5. It helps the parent or caregiver to really ‘feel’ their child and to walk in their shoes. It can give validity and clarity to the issue.

  6. Surrogate work also helps the parent/caregiver to clear their own feelings and emotions about the child’s issue. 


We are all one – Our energy is connected.


Surrogate tapping or remote healing, is when you tap on yourself for another person’s issue whether they are present or not.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”


                                                                                                    (Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, MD, Nobel Laureate in Medicine)

Do I work with adults?

do i work with adults (2).png

The simple answer is yes! I do work with adults. EFT works with anyone, age 0 to 100. When I started on my EFT journey, I worked solely with adults. Whether you are working with children, teenagers or adults, EFT works in exactly the same way, however the delivery will be different.

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